Raccoons are comfortable living with or near humans, which is why it is not rare for them to invade and damage your property. They’re especially known to destroy insulation in your attic while leaving feces ridden with roundworm and other diseases that are harmful to you and your pets. Raccoons often nest in attics to nurse their young, only adding to the problem.

Food is often what attracts raccoons, and they know that trashcans are a great source when they’re in need. They’re even smart enough to open trashcan lids, doorknobs, and jars to hunt for food. If you have property and attic damage from raccoons, our team will do a full-scale attic cleanup to keep you safe.

You can help avoid problems from raccoons by following these tips:

  • Keep all pet food secured in a safe area.
  • Put a cap over the opening of the chimney.
  • Keep the number of bird feeders in your yard low.
  • Keep your trash cans secure and only put them out on trash day.
  • Make sure to clean up your property.
  • Keep trees and limbs trimmed away from your home.
  • Do not feed raccoons.
  • Trim weeds and shrubs on your property.
  • Keep your property clear of items such as boxes, wood piles, and trash piles that attract raccoons.

Raccoons become a serious problem for homeowners when they raid yards or homes and they may find shelter in chimneys, basements, attics, and spaces between walls. They can be heard during the night or early morning hours scratching around and they often damage drywall and insulation which could be a sign of their presence. The professionals of Groen’s Wildlife Services can safely trap and remove raccoons without using poisons and we can also repair or replace areas that have been damaged and clean up their feces. Once the animal is removed, we provide deodorization services and employ exclusion methods to prevent future raccoon infestations.