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Swans for sale, swan rental

Are you looking to purchase or rent a pair of swans? Groens Wildlife Services breeds many various types of Swans. Our Swans are bred to meet the highest of standards and are free from any genetic defects. We have 7 species of swans for sale or rent, our most popular being the Mute Swan. We rent our swans for: Golf Courses, Weddings, Geese Control, Residential Ponds, and any other occasions were they might be needed. Please give us a call for more information on our swans, availability, and pricing. Shipping is available in the continental United States for an additional fee.


Whooper Swan

Cygnus cygnus

The Whooper Swan is a large Northern Hemisphere swan. It is the Old World counterpart of the North American Trumpeter Swan. Their breeding habitat is wetland. They pair for life, and their cygnets stay with them all winter; they are sometimes joined by offspring from previous years.


Trumpeter Swan

Olor buccinator

The Trumpeter Swan is the largest waterfowl species native to North America. Most Trumpeters weigh 21-30 pounds, although large males may exceed 35 pounds. The male is called a cob; the female is called a pen. With a wingspan over 7 feet, these snow-white birds are truly spectacular. Standing on the ground, an adult Trumpeter stands about 4 feet high.

Bewick Swan

Cygnus columbianus

Bewick's is the smallest of the three Holarctic swans, at 115-127cm length and a 170-195cm wingspan. C. c. bewickii is similar in appearance to the Whooper Swan, but smaller, shorter-necked and with a more rounded head shape, with variable bill pattern, but always showing more black than yellow (the other way round with Whooper Swans).

The bill pattern for every bird is unique, and scientists make detailed drawings of each and give them names to assist with studying this species. C. c. columbianus is distinguished from C. c. bewickii by its largely black bill with a small yellow spot of variable size at the base.


Mute Swan

Cygnus olor

The mute swan is a very large white waterbird. It has a long S-shaped neck, and an orange bill with black at the base of it. Flies with its neck extended and regular slow wingbeats.

Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

The Black Swan is an Australian waterbird and the official state bird of Western Australia. Black swans are found in all states of Australia. The adult bird weighs up to 20 lb (9 kg). Unlike many other waterbirds, black swans are not migratory; they spend their entire life in the area where they were clutched. Black Swans nest on large mounds that they build in the middle of a shallow lake. Male and female swans share the care of the nest, and once the cygnets are fledged, it is not uncommon to see whole families looking for food.

Tundra Swan

Cygnus columbianus

The most common swan in the West and the only native swan in the East. Large, all white; bill black, usually with small yellow spot in front of eye. Rare Trumpeter Swan is larger and lacks yellow on bill. Holds neck straight up, unlike Mute Swan, which bends its neck in a graceful curve.

Black Necked Swan

Cygnus melanocoryphus

The Black-necked Swan is a member of the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. It is a waterbird of South America. This swan breeds in Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and on the Falkland Islands. In winter, this bird migrates northwards to Paraguay and southern Brazil.

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